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Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, and the social distancing restrictions, most of the Jewish community of Gondar, Ethiopia are struggling to meet their daily needs. We are focusing our activities on food distribution and income protection. See updates on the facebok page of our partner, Meketa.

About us

Who are we?

We are a registered local association in Gondar Town, our goal is improving education and employment opportunities for the Jewish Community.

What do we do?

Our professional staff provide education and livelihood support to those in need, building long-term personal relationships and helping them to become independent and empowered.

How are we funded?

We are a non-profit organisation, and we receive money from private donors in Ethiopia and abroad. Our largest donor and partner is Meketa, a British charity.


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About us


The After-School Club

The club is for schoolchildren to give them extra tuition and an enriched curriculum. We focus on core subjects - English, maths and science, but also provide artistic and creative activities, as well as a chance to play!

Child Sponsorship

For those children whose parents or guardians are unable to work, we provide a sponsorship scheme so that the children can stay in school and complete their education.


We provide training, equipment and loans to help young people and adults find decent jobs and start their own business. We provide coaching and long-term monitoring to help each individual achieve their potential.



How to donate

You can donate in person (in Gondar Town) - use the contact form to arrange a meeting, or by bank transfer:

Bank: Commercial Bank of Ethiopia

Account name: Shutafut bego adragot mahiber

Swift code: CBETETAA

Account number: 1000258633699

Contact Us
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